We Are ... the BACnet Group - Drupal

We are people from the BACnet & Drupal communities on a mission to incorporate live energy and environmental data into the websites where people like to go on the internet.

Our objective is to explain the benefits of BACnet and Drupal, demonstrate real systems, guide Energy Camps ... all to enable improved energy savings and healthier environments.

We develop and test BACnet module(s) for Drupal. The modules embed dynamic energy and environmental data as content into Drupal based websites. The modules enable displays of "real-time" energy and environmental data as text, dials, graphs and charts.

Our primary focus is on the "service interaction" between the two unique types of technology provided by two of the world's leading “open” communities: ASHRAE - in the form of the BACnet open communication protocol, and Drupal - in the form of its open source content management system.